Does Blogging Make Money? Career Choices

In these modern days when internet coverage is experienced worldwide, there is a new trend of people emerging that refer themselves as bloggers. This looks like a form of career where the young are eager to emulate while the older generation doesn’t seem to understand this internet-related career.

Many ask how does blog writing as a career make one money yet you are not selling the articles written but publishing them in your website for all to read for free. This question has so many twists to it and no definite answer can be established till one gets to understand what blogging is all about.

Blogging for money

What is Blogging?

A blog can be described as information or a discussion published on a website in a convectional or informal style by an individual or a small group. The discussion is usually related to a certain topic be it political, educational, entertainment. Some people write blogs as a personal journal of their life experiences or sharing knowledge in their area of expertise.

As technology advances, it is possible for non-technical users to write blogs without any knowledge of HTML codes or computer programming.

Blogging involves continuous updating of articles on the website on a regular basis that is interactive or informative to keep your audience engaged.



Blog Content

A blog can be a personal journal or diary that is presented to the public. However, you ought to be careful with the kind of information that you are giving out as it is in the public eye. If your blog is about education, you ought to make sure to give accurate and proven facts not just speculations as this may mislead your audience.

You not only send out information in your article but you expect to interact with your audience, receive feedback, opinions as well as suggestion on how the topic should flow.

In order to achieve all these, a blog should not only consist of text but should also include some images, links to other blogs or web pages, short videos in a way that is eye-catching and appealing.

It is also important to stay on topic to maintain your audience and even to encourage them to share with other people in their circle which will result in increased traffic to your blog.

Attracting the Right Audience.

It is one thing to write captivating articles in your blog and to update the new blog frequently. This is not enough to ensure that your blog is attracting the right audience on the web. Every day we have millions of people on the internet searching for answers or solutions. This is common in the well-known search engine like google, bing, yahoo or social media platforms. It is upon the blogger to make sure that their blogs are seen in the search engines and available to the right audience.

In order for your blogs to appear in search engines, one has to incorporate keywords that are related to what your articles are all about. These keywords refer to words or phrases that people key in on the search engines. The keywords have to be related to what your article is all about and has to be incorporated within the articles.


When one searches for a certain keyword, your blog or articles is expected to appear as one of the listed websites that offer such information. The keyword can be in the title or within the beginning paragraphs. The more the keywords appear in search engines, the more your websites rank better in search engines. A good rank results in more visitors in your website which implies an increase in audience or traffic. This traffic is people who you influence through your article hence it is important to build social relations with them as they help you build your brand.

Does blogging make money?

How to make money from a blog.

As above indicated, the blog is published on websites which is accessible to the public through search engines for free. So it is not possible to make money by charging people to read your blog. So how do bloggers make money from their blogs?

As a blog grows and builds an audience, the blogger builds influence. This influence is what a blogger uses in various ways to make money.

Some of the ways used to make money from the blog include:

Affiliate Marketing; This involves selling other peoples products on your websites. In a blog, you can include links, images, widgets that lead to the products. When one clicks on the link and make a purchase, you are paid a commission from the sale as agreed on the affiliate program contract you signed.

This can also include doing products reviews on your blog, writing an article about certain products offering your opinion on the products then attaching links to the products for anyone who wants to make a purchase.

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Internet Branding; Once you have a big audience who are socially interactive, you can use this influence to brand advertise certain products or companies that are related to what you write about. This can be achieved by signing a contract with the company to market its products in your blog for a certain period at an agreed amount of money.

Per Click Advertising; There are advertising companies like GoogleAdsense that pay blogs for directing traffic to their advertisers. All is needed is to sign up to their program, add their ads on your blog and when your audience click in the link, you earn a commission.

Selling your own products; While blogging, you can add some adverts for your own products that you sell or links to either a catalogue in your websites or to social media pages where you display your products.

sponsored ads; This involves running advertisements on your blog at a given time for various companies or corporate and you get paid per the number of people who visit your blog and see the advert.


blogging for money


Learn How To Blog

Blogging may seem to be easy when you think about it from the point of a personal journal but it can be a bit tricky to stay on topic and keep your audience engaged while maintaining a good ranking on search engines. It is also not easy to come up with keywords that rank well.



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