How to Make Money with Paid to Click

Making money online is the new way to enterprise and earn a passive income. There are very many inventions and programs coming up every day on how to make money online. Some of these programs are genuine while some may end up wasting most of your time. It is up to you to verify that the program you choose is valid and will give you a return.

One of the ways that have come up is how to make money with paid to click programs or applications. Just by searching paid to click on any search engine, you will be bombarded with very many programs to choose from. Some of these programs promise very good pay and other enticing goodies. The question to ask is how valid are these offers and can you really earn a solid income from paid to click programs.

I have had my fair share of exploring this paid to click programs with some endings up wasting my time with no pay at the end and some paying me few dollars after spending so much time on them. It is not always obvious to recognize a valid program from the many fake programs. The most important question to ask yourself is if the amount you are getting from a paid to click site is worth the time spent or it is too ambitious. I came to learn that those paid to click programs that pay a very small amount per day are more valid than those that promise a huge sum at the end of the month.



How Paid To Click Sites Operate.

Paid to Click sites are highly preferred by online advertisers and people looking to generate traffic to their sites at a reasonable fee. Advertisers, as well as websites owners, pay this pay to click site to have their adverts and websites displayed. They get to choose the kind of audience they want and the number of visitors that need to attract per day. There is also the option of setting up the period a visitor should stay either watching the advert or viewing the website link. These options are what determines how much one will pay the paid to click site.

On the other hand, paid to click sites invite people to join their network and get paid to view adverts and websites. You get paid a very small fraction of amount per advert that you view and there is a maximum amount of adverts you can view per day. This means that what you can make per day in a PTC site is limited.

Some paid to click sites give it’s members the option of upgrading to earn a higher pay by paying a monthly or yearly fee. This guarantees you high paying adverts.




How to Cash Out from Paid to Click Sites.

Most paid to click sites pay in cents which can average at 0.01 cents per day due to the limited number of adverts one receives per day. Most sites indicate the minimum amount of withdrawal as $2. In general, it can take you a week or two to accumulate a dollar meaning it will take you a month to meet the minimum withdrawal limit.

Other paid to click sites pay in bitcoins, with a minimum withdrawal amount being equal to $5 considering the fees charged when withdrawing. This means it may take more than a month to actually make the minimum withdrawal limit.

Hence, to earn a good income from paid to click sites, you ought to have joined many PTC sites and end up spending most of your time watching adverts to earn. Is it really worth it?



How to Identify genuine paid to click sites.

There is no written formula on how to tell a genuine site from a fake one. The best way to identify one that will make you actual money is to check on reviews of people who have actually used these sites before and their advice of whether they actually made money or not.

Research on several reviews before making a decision on the exact sites you choose and check how much you will make per day and how much time it will take you to make the money.



Some paid to click sites that I have tested and earned from.

There are many paid to click sites out there and many more are being developed each year. My choice of paid to click sites was made on the fact that these sites have been running for years and a lot of people can a test to making money from them. No Minimum Payout


They include;





How to Make More Money Online

As explained above, paid to click sites might not make you enough money to sustain your lifestyle. You need to find better ways of making money that other people are using. One of the best places to learn how to make money online is on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Wealthy Affiliate is a community of online entrepreneurs where one learns how to create an online business and leverage the various online income streams available. The platform has training schedules that teach how to build websites, write content that is search engine ready for your blog and also how to incorporate affiliate marketing to your website.

Wealthy Affiliate also offers free websites as well as hosting opportunities for those who would like their own website domains. You can host up to 25 websites under wealthy affiliate. The community has a lot of experts who are always ready to offer assistant to those who are starting out in the online world.

Consider joining Wealthy Affiliate and jump start your way to making money online.


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