How to turn your Hobby into a Business

We are gifted differently and depending on what you are exposed to when growing up, you tend to have a liking for one thing or the other. Everyone has something they like doing either to keep them busy, entertain themselves or as a way of unwinding. This kind of activities are referred to as hobbies and they defined who you are and how you end up socializing in society.

Hobbies have become very important to the point of being added to your Curriculum Vitae and can be used to determine whether you suit a certain kind of position you apply for in employment.

Some people take their hobbies very serious and can not go a day without fulfilling one or the other. This brings in mind the idea of how to turn this hobby into a business, hence you get to do what you love and earn from it.

turning hobbies to business marketing


How to Identify Your Hobbies.

As earlier explained, hobbies are things you love to do for entertainment or to unwind and relax. This is usually different for each individual but there are possibilities of finding people with the same hobbies. The hobbies can be developed from a young age depending on what one is exposed to or their gifts and talents. Some hobbies are also developed from having a liking or interest in certain activities like sports.

To identify your hobby, just check that thing you love doing that gives you so much satisfaction as well as entertain you. It could be cooking, reading, playing a certain sport, dancing, weaving, drawing and the list goes on. You can have many hobbies but there is that one major one that gives you so much joy or you spend most of your time doing.

For me, apart from reading which helps build my imagination as well as assist me in expressing myself through creating content, I also love travelling, learning more about wildlife, hiking and writing.


Turning your hobby into a Business

You can either choose to share your hobby with your friends who share the same interests e.g if you love reading join a reading club or for those who love sports form your own small team. This is just a way to have fun and unwind after a busy week pursuing your career.

I have also seen some people turn their hobbies into great businesses to the extent of calling it a career. Some who love baking have taken it up to open bakeries or bake cakes for people’s events. Others who love arts have painted masterpieces that have been sold in art galleries for huge amounts of money.

Well, not all hobbies are well-defined with a path to make you money, some require extra skills and capital to turn into something that earns money. Hence, you may be thinking this is not for me as my hobby is not in the category above.

I am here to tell you from experience that the little thing you love doing that may seem or feel weird can be turned into a money making business.


Creating An Online Business from your Hobby

The introduction of the internet and the use of various search engines and social media has opened up a whole new world of making money that never existed before. In a place like Facebook, you find people posting funny short videos that sometimes showcase their everyday lives, engage an audience and within on time they have a huge following and influence that is later used to earn them money.

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People are opening YouTube Channels every day and sharing great ideas with an audience which they create through the ideas and at the same time making money out of it. Some with as weird hobbies as playing video games has become the go-to for most game creating companies who get jobs to test out games before they can be launched and sold to the world.

Blogging is also a new career that has come up with people creating content and sharing ideas on things they like doing such as travelling, cooking, tips in different fields, fashion and accessories among others.

One of the biggest platforms after YouTube that is being used to share such ideas is Pinterest which is very common with women who share ideas on cooking, home improvement, raising a family, children, fashion, DIY projects among other. Most have gone ahead to turn this simple idea sharing into a money earning a career.


How I Turned My Own Hobbies into a Money Earning Business

I am sharing something that I have tried and tested after being in employment for so long and never getting the satisfaction I so needed even if I was good at my job.

As I shared above, one of my hobbies is travelling and wildlife safari. I just can’t get enough of wildlife viewing. Due to my love for travelling especially African safaris, I decided to share my love with the world by creating a website where I share my travels as well as many details about African wildlife. Through this website, I have various affiliate programs that earn me a good income from and in return, financing my travel and daily upkeep.

See my website here:


How to Create an Online Business with no experience

There is no school that I know of that teaches people how to make money online. Most people are self-taught or they learn from others who have tried and tested the system. I happen to have started with on experience, though am good at computers.

It never occurs to me that I can create my own website without hiring an expert. This was until I came across the Wealthy Affiliate program through reading someone’s experience as you are doing now. Wealthy Affiliate is a community of online entrepreneurs who come together to learn how to create online businesses like websites, YouTube channels, use of social media for business and many more.

The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that they train you on how to create website step by step, the members some with great experience online are always ready to help you when stuck with any question you might have through a live chat. The site also provides web hosting and 24-hour support as well as free WordPress websites for those starting out.

You can give it a try by joining the community for free and test out the system here, join Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have any questions or comments on the topic I have shared, kindly leave a comment below and I will gladly respond the best I can.

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