Making Money Online From Home – Best revenue stream.

There are so many concepts and programs worldwide that promise to help you make an income from home. Making money online from home is most people’s desire but how valid is it? I remember joining make money from home program when I had just bought my first laptop. The program came through an email invite from one of the people I had shared my contacts with.

I did not do any research but I jumped into the program that cost me $15 which I thought was worth risking. The program required me to create a profile in their platform then choose products to market from the wide variety they had. I was then expected to create content around these products and share with my contacts on social media platforms.

The hiccups to this were that the products were supposedly new to the market and no one had ever heard of them. There was also no information on how one was expected to make a purchase or shipping details. Hence, no proof that the products actually existed yet I expected to get a commission from every sale. After trying, it for two months, I realized I was just chasing fairy tales and had been scammed my $15. I stopped promoting the products and never heard from the program again. I think the scammer got enough money and walked away to his next project.

Making Money Online from Home

Are there Genuine make money from home programs?

Despite the story above, there are people who are actually making money from home. They have the freedom to plan their daily schedules and spend as much time as they can with their family.

There are various ways to make money from home, different people use different concepts depending on what they are good at. There are those who build websites and sell their own products in the sites, those who do affiliate marketing in their websites while blogging and write captivating articles, others make captivating videos showcasing various concepts like DIY methods, share cooking skills among other things. There are those who are good at pulling an audience on social media and have resolved to be social media influencers advertising various products or being virtual assistants for busy famous people in the social media circles.

Make Money Online from Home

The list of ways to make money from home in this modern time we are in cannot be exhausted, with more concepts coming up every day. The main thing is to find what works for you and concentrate on that particular thing until it starts earning money for you.

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How to identify a concept that works

There are various factors to consider before you can decide on what you want to focus on online. Some of the factors include:

  • Time – how much time are you will devote to working online.
  • Your interests – what are you passionate about or are you interested in and would talk about it for months without getting bored. This will help you discover your niche. It could be sharing content on social media, writing content, doing DIY videos, organization etc.
  • Level of expertise – It would be hard for you to build a mobile application if you have no knowledge or skills in advanced technology yet a mobile application can be a source of income.
  • Training opportunities available – you might not be an expert in an area but are willing to learn, but is there available training for you to go to the next level.
  • Work resources and equipment – This include internet broadband, computer or laptop, smartphone or tablet and even a camera if you are to do videos, application software.


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Ways to make money online

There various ways to make money online that you can incorporate from the comfort of your home. It is up to you to choose the best one that suits you.

  1. Building a website. You can build your own website and sell your products on the site while writing blogs on the same site to pull in traffic and potential customers.
  2. Sell your products on social media. Build social media accounts, take good photos of products you have for sale at home, add in a good caption and post online. You can go a step further and place adverts for a targeted audience.
  3. Affiliate Marketing. This involves selling other people’s products on your website or social media by joining an affiliate program e.g Amazon.
  4. Virtual Assistant. Take up positions of managing other people’s social media accounts or websites and performing assigned tasks at a fee.
  5. Paid surveys and Paid to click sites. Find out more on these here.

There are so many ways of making money online, you can find more ideas in these articles.

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Learn How To Build An Online Business at Home

All the above can be overwhelming and may seem like they require one to have a certain level of education. However, there are people who have a thriving online business that they have built at home with very little skills.

I recommend you to join Wealthy Affiliate program, this is a platform that teaches people how to build online businesses at the comfort of their homes. There is no qualification or age required to join this community of online entrepreneurs. It accommodates, housewives, retirees and even young college students.


The Wealthy Affiliate platform is a community of online entrepreneur, some experts in the online field while others are starting out or experimenting to see if they can make a living. The platform has training programs that teach you how to build websites, how to write articles that are SEO compliant and also incorporate affiliate marketing to your website in order to make money.

Wealthy Affiliate gives an opportunity to build up to 25 free websites under the Siterubix platform and also an opportunity to buy up to 25 domains that are hosted within the same platform. The domains hosted at wealthy affiliate comes with free back up and 24-hour site support. You also get access to a keyword tool that helps you come up with good keywords for your articles that rank well and are competitive in search engines called Jaxxy.

Wealthy Affiliate community also encourages its members to ask questions, interact in the live chat and also share their experiences and journey in the platform so that all can learn from each other. In a span of one year, you will be good at working online to the point of teaching others.

Join this lovely community and get in your way to making money online from the comfort of your home. It is a journey and takes time and effort but in the end, you are guaranteed a good income.


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