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You might have heard a desire to start your own blog or people have been encouraging you to start a blog since you have so much to share with the world out there. The only hindrance you may be facing is the fact that you have no idea how to start a blog.

Blogging for beginners is only hard when it comes to knowing where to start and the right channels to use. A blog needs to have a hosting platform, whether it is a free blog or a bought domain. Choosing a good host and one that provides a good platform for you to host your blog is very important.

Once you start a blog especially if you have bought your own domain, the next main thing to consider is how you will monetize your site and earn from it. The question most beginners ask is how that is possible to earn from creative writing.

buiding a website and blog

The Best Classroom for Blog Beginners.

I once had a desire to start my own blog though I had no experience or knowledge of how to start one. I was not even sure what I was going to write about in this blog. So I went online to do my research and looking for training on how to start a blog. It took me a year and I was almost giving up thinking maybe it was not meant to be.

I came across a blog that was talking about Wealthy Affiliate, a platform that teaches one to build their own website by first providing a free site before even committing. I was moved because I have never seen such accurate and easy to understand information for the one-year I was researching.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that teaches one to create their own blog and website, monetize the websites and earn from affiliate marketing. There are over 40 classrooms with different modules that take you step by step on how to create a website, write articles that are keyword rich as well as SEO compliant.

This is also one of the most friendly and respectful community I have met online. There is a live chat where you can ask any question or offer an opinion with like-minded people. They also offer a chance to ask any question when you need help when building your site and people can comment on your question and offer their opinion or knowledge.

How to Join Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is open for people from all over the world, joining wealthy affiliate is free. You only have to do registration and an account is created for you for free. The free model allows you to access the platform in full for the first 7 days after joining giving you a chance to test whether it is worth investing in.

Under free mode, you get access to level 1 training which has 10 lessons that teach you how to build simple two WordPress websites for free. A free blog roll under the site where you can share articles with the community. A keyword search tool called Jaaxy as well as access to the affiliate program where you earn a commission when you invite people to join.

Learn more: Wealthy Affiliate

The other option is as a premium member which costs $49 per month, $234 for half a year or $359 for a whole year. This gives you access to all Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. This includes the full training with over 50 lessons, live classroom sessions, up to 50 websites with the option of purchasing 30 of your own domain. Web hosting which includes 24hr website support as well as website security. You also get to earn more commission from referrals and get feedback and comments for your website as you build them.

Black Friday Offer you can’t afford to miss.

Wealthy Affiliate has a black Friday offer that will run for 4 days from 29th November to 2nd December. The offer is a yearly price hack of $299 instead of $359. This means that you will be paying $0.80 cents per day I.e 49% off and you get to save $289 compared to paying the monthly offer of $49.

This is an offer you cannot afford to miss as it gives you access to a platform that teaches you everything you need to know in order to have a successful online business. It is important to take up a one-year investment, work hard and see if online success will come your way.

This 2019 offer comes with more added bonuses that are not available to other Wealthy Affiliate members. This include:

  • An opportunity to go live with the founder of the platform Kyle and ask him any questions you have in regard to building an online business.
  • The white paper on how to build an incredible online business in 2020.
  • 5 weeks of live training on how to build an incredible website in 2020.
  • Beta access to New Platforms that is only available to yearly members.

Get the offer before time runs out here: Black Friday Offer.

Other 2020 offers that have been added to the platform.

The founders of Wealthy affiliate are very passionate about this site that they always try to find new ways to improve the platform. In 2020 as you build your websites, you will get to enjoy quite a number of new improvements that include:

  • New and improved email platform for your website.
  • Improved video training UX and speed for the WA lessons.
  • Industry-leading optimization for websites called Kraken Image Optimization.
  • An affiliate platform that lets you search and find the most lucrative affiliate programs.
  • Ability to earn monetized accreditation for offering comments to other people’s websites.
  • Super Affiliate Challenge – A 12 months step by step training affiliate success.

Have I convinced you enough to join this great community? I am almost clocking two years here and the immense knowledge I have right now on online business, making and monetizing a website, as well as affiliate marketing, came from this platform. I also have thriving social media platforms where I post most of my work and get good feedback and equal traffic.

Join this great platform and become an expert in online marketing today by taking up the great Black Friday offer now.


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