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It is a desire for many to work from home and earn a living at a place where they find the most comfort. At one point, I found myself searching for a kind of employment where I can execute my duties from the comfort of my house. I used to research and see how people feel when they work from home and what kind of employment provides you with such opportunities.

My research and job search didn’t bear many fruit until I resolved to go into self employment and more so working online. Though it takes so much discipline and commitment to sit at home and actually have work done, it is possible. This is best achieved by setting some rules down and adhering to these rules without fail. It is also viable to have a work from home checklist to ensure you are all covered and are able to meet all the obligations set.

Below are some of the things to include in your checklist:

1. Have a monthly earning target.

Just like one who earns a monthly salary when employed, it is good to have a monthly target when working from home. This helps to keep you motivated and focused on working hard even with the many distractions that a home setting brings about. You ought to have your bills in check and ensure you are earning enough to pay them.

2. Get all the equipment you need for your designated work station.

Well it may seem not necessary to have a home desk but if you intend to spend a lot of hours a day working, then you need one. If you prefer working on the laptop rather than a computer, you still need a good sitting position to avoid backache or any other discomfort. Other equipment could include an internet broadband, printer, diary or an organizer pad, a telephone etc.

3. Write out a plan of what you need to achieve each day.

Working from home implies that you don’t have a supervisor or a boss checking on you to ensure you are doing the right thing. Still, you need to have your tasks all spelled out and make sure that you accomplish them each day with the end goal of making good money out of it. There could be many distractions in the house, like the television, children, visitors but have your time well-organized to make sure none of these things take up your working time.

4. Have a designated desk/office space.

It is advisable to have a defined working space in your house. If you have children, let them know very well that this is your working space and they should respect it and avoid playing in this area when you are working. Your household will also take you seriously if you have a designated working space, they will understand that you just don’t sit at home but work like anyone else.

5. Avoid any destruction that might deviate you from your work.

One thing that is common when you inform your friends that you work at home, meaning you are always in the house, they think it is an open ground for them to visit you anytime of the day. This could destruct you from your set daily goals, always make it clear that you may be in the house but you are working to earn a living.

Though you may be in the house all day, organize your meal time, household chores and even family time in a way that they don’t destruct your work time. Set a specific time after your work time for watching television, social media, hanging out with friends. This ensures that during work time you are not destructed or feeling that you are missing anything.

6. Set up boundaries for your other housemates.

You should make it clear to your housemates or family what it means to work at home and what support they should offer you. This makes it easy for you to navigate through your daily household schedule and other housemates get to respect your time and working space. It is also very essential to get their support in order to have a positive environment to work in.

7. Never leave your desk before you achieve your set goals.

Things might not flow smoothly every day, there may be days when your schedule gets all mixed up especially when you have small children or a sick family member. At such times, it will require you to work around your schedule or even set extra hours in some days just to ensure you achieve your set goals. Be flexible to change your working hours at such times or work extra hours when you can to cover up for lost time.

8. Have a weekly evaluation of your work.

At the end of every week, evaluate the work you have covered to determine what you have achieved in comparison to your end goals and your set daily earnings. If you notice that you fell short in achieving your target, make the necessary adjustments for the coming week. If you notice that by doing a certain task you were able to earn more, then try evaluate that task and see how you can increase your earning as your working from home journey progresses.

How can I start a Working at Home Business?

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